How To Get Instantly Alert By Loud Sound When Your Mobile Phone Is Removed From Charging By Any Theft.

Full Battery & Theft Alarm application provides amazing feature Theft Alarm option which will help you when anybody will try to theft or remove your mobile phone during the charging.

When anybody will remove your mobile phone from chargin in public place or in your own house this application will instantly generate sound very loudly.

1. Click here to download Full Battery & Theft Alarm application from play store to your android mobile phone.

2. Now first of all plug in your mobile phone in charging then open this application in your mobile phone. Now turn on CHARGE ALARM option by clicking on it. CHARGE ALARM Option is used to get notification by alarm when your mobile phone becomes fully charged.

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3. Now click on Theft Alarm option to turn on it. If you will not turn on CHARGE ALARM option first then Theft Alarm option will be disabled for you.

4. If you are enabling first time then Theft Alarm will ask you to enter a password. Password is necessary to turn off alert sound which will be generated when anybody will try to remove or theft your mobile phone during the charging.

5. Now enter your email address to recover your password in case if you will forget in the future. It is optional so you can skip this step.

6. After setting up password and entering email address you will have to again turn ON this Theft Alarm option. Now you have successfully activated Theft Alarm feature in your mobile phone.

If you want to run this application when it is closed then then allow permission to start in background in Setting > Devices >Permissions > Permissions > Full Battery & Theft Alarm>Enable Start in background 

by default this setting will be enabled but if it is not enabled in your mobile phone then you can manually enable it by going to above location.

This setting to allow permissions may be at different location in different mobile phones. So search this option in your mobile phone and enable it.


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