Confused what to write in your important message in whatsapp? Create a demo message using this trick.

➛ Some time we have to write very important message in whatsapp for many reasons. If message is very serious then little mistake can lead you to big loss in your business.

➛ In this situation we carefully write every single word. But sometime even after too many cares we do small or big mistake in our message.

➛ Here i am going to show you very useful trick which can be very useful for you in one or another way.

➛ All you need to do is create a diary in your whatsapp. I have already mentioned how to create a personal diary in your whatsapp? in my previous post.

➛ Then you can easily type your every important message in this diary before sending to a real person. Main benefit of this Whatsapp diary is that only you can read this message.

➛ When you realize that message is perfect and there are no any further changes then you can easily forward your message from this diary to the real person.

➛ You can also store your all personal stuff in this diary as I have mentioned in my previous post.

Thank You.

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  • Whatsapp status

    This Very Nice and attractive Article…
    Thankyou For Sharing This Information…
    And also give to me important knowledge.

    • Aliraza

      You are most welcome brother.

  • Abhi Vaghela

    You are very innovative, your tricks and tips are very helpful, i have never seen this kind of tips. Keep going brother, and keep us updating with your tremendous knowledge and insights, thanks for all those tricks, hoping to see many more tricks and tips in future…..

    • Aliraza

      Thanks a lot Abhi Vaghela

  • Rahul Rao

    Wow ! Amazing Article 🙂 Keep Writing Like This One 🙂

    • Aliraza

      Thanks Rahul Rao.

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