Enjoy “Google now launcher” Launched By Google’s Team.

✶ Google now launcher

➛ Every smart phone do not support latest version of android OS and every people don’t like to spend money to purchase smart phone with latest android OS. Those people still can use latest android OS features in their old android OS smart phone using some cool tricks.

➛ Here I will show you a launcher launched by Google itself. Google now launcher is launched by Google team on play store and it provides some extra cool new features which are not available in your old android OS smart phone.

Follow bellow steps to use this Google launcher in your android smart phone with some cool features.

Click here to download and install Google now launcher in your android smart phone.

➛ Now after installing Google now launcher in your android phones it will change your mobile phone’s layout and it will provide bellow features.

1. OK Google Feature.

➛ All of you have used Google listening feature by searching something on Google using your voice in your smart phone.

➛ But in your old android version of OS first of all you need to touch on Google listen icon only then you can use this Google listen feature.

➛ But using Google now launcher you don’t even need to touch on Google listen icon. Instead of touching on icon you just need to speak “Ok Google” and it will start to listen your voice.

2. Swipe left and gets all latest news updates from Google.

➛ You can get all latest news updates from google by just swiping left side from home page. See bellow image.

3. Use scrolling to visit your installed apps and also enjoy search app feature.

➛ Different smart phones provide different layouts but this launcher provides scrolling layout for list of applications. It means you will have to scroll from top to bottom to visit your applications.

➛ You can also type your application name in the search box and find your particular application. See bellow image.

4. Long press on Home screen and change your mobile Wallpaper, Settings and widgets.

➛ You just need to long press on home screen and you will get options to change your Wallpaper, Setting and your widget.

➛ Google now launcher provides some beautiful Wallpapers by default and if you want more Wallpapers then you can go online. You can also set your own Wallpapers from your mobile phone.

➛ You can change setting by visiting Setting option and if you want to change your widget location or put some widget (apps) on your home page then you can easily change it by visiting Widget option. See bellow image to see these options on home page.


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