Google Can Record Your Every Movements, Where? And How?

Google is very smart more than you think. Google stores your all information about the places you visit on daily bases, Your travelling routes and also your travelling time and in which speed you travelled, Its really amazing. In this article i will tell you where all this information are stored and who can access it.

This type of information is stored by Google maps. It is very secure and nobody can access it except you. It requires your Google account credentials (username and password). Once you Log In to your account then you can access all this information.

Google cannot store this type of personal information without your permission. Google Location History can store this information for you and you can manually enable or disable this feature. If you enable this feature then your day to day visiting places will be automatically stored by Google. But Google cannot store this information if you disable this feature.

Visit this website to check your visited places

Go to bellow location and you can manually enable or disable this feature.

1.Open google map => Setting  => Google Settings => In LOCATION SERVICES go to Google  Location History.

Here it will show all list of devices connected to your Google account. You can manually enable or disable for all devices.

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