Google Chrome Shortcuts Keys

Short cut keys really save time and increase speed of work. It is very important for those who full day work on computer on regular bases. So today I am writing this article to let you know about some important short cut keys of Google chrome browser. Let’s see all short cut keys one by one.

1. Jump to a specific tab:- For example you have opened too many tabs in Google Chrome now you want to jump to a specific tab in chrome then press CTRL + Number.

For example you have opened 8 tabs and you are now on 8th tab but you want to go to 2nd number tab then press CTRL + 2. Keep in mind that you will have to count tab number from left to right sequence.

2. Select all text in address bar:- For example you need to copy your current tab URL or change URL text to open new website then press ALT + D then address bar will be highlighted now you can copy or edit whatever you want to do with URL.

3. Open any file in chrome:- Do you know you can open any file or document or folder in chrome by pressing CTRL + O.

4. Save all open pages:- For example you are working on your laptop and your laptop battery is very low or it is about to die but you can’t find any power supply nearby you. So you need to bookmark your all opened pages otherwise you will lose it. In this situation press CTRL + Shift + D.

Now press on save button it will save all opened tabs in a folder with name “New folder”.

5. Delete all History and clear Cache:- Some time we need to clear browser history as well as clear catch. We can do this by pressing CTRL + Shift + Delete.  You can clear whatever you want as per your requirements.

6. Go to last tab:- By clicking on CTRL + 9 you can jump to last tab you opened.

7. Reopen closed tab:- For example you are working and any tab closed accidently then you can press Ctrl + Shift + T to reopen closed tab.

8. Close a Tab:- For example you have completed work on a particular tab now you don’t need that tab then you can close that tab by pressing Ctrl + W.

9. Close Chrome:- If you have completed your work and you want to close chrome then you can press Ctrl + Shift + Q.

10. Open link in new tab and new window:- For example you want to open any link in new tab then you can do it by pressing Ctrl + Link (Click on link which you want to open).

Now if you want to open any link in new window then you can do it by pressing Shift + Link (Click on link which you want to open).

11. Scroll Down:- For example you are reading any long article and you need to scroll down to read more but it’s really tedious and boring to scroll down using mouse. So you can use spacebar key to scroll down without using mouse

12. Zoom In and Zoom Out:- For example you want to zoom any font on website to read it properly you can use Ctrl + + to zoom in and Ctrl + to zoom out.

If you want to go to your normal position then you can use Ctrl + 0.

13. Minimize Window:- If you are working on any website which you don’t want to show other person but immediately somebody comes to nearby you then it is more time consuming to take mouse arrow to minimize icon and then press it. Instead of doing this lengthy process you can use Ctrl + M to immediately minimize chrome.  

14. Type www and .com automatically:- If you are the guy who opens lots of website daily then this is for you. We don’t like to type www before page name and .com after page name. If you will press Ctrl + Enter after typing page name then it will automatically add prefix and suffixes to the page name.

15. Sign in to chrome or switch user:- If you want to sign in or you want to switch user then you can press Ctrl + Shift + M to sign in or switch user to chrome.

16. Open bookmark manager page:- If you want to book mark any page then press Ctrl + D and to open all bookmark list in new tab press Ctrl + Shift + M.

17. See memory usage by your browser:- If you want to check how much memory consumed by your chrome browser then press Shift + Esc.

18. Search on Google without open it:- If you want to search on Google then you will first open Google then you will search on it but is lengthy process. Instead of you can press Ctrl + K then you can write whatever you want to search on Google.

Thank You.

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