Google Stores Your Passwords And Search History At Their Private Location.

In this article i will show you where Google stores your search history, Your website login credentials(Username and Passwords) with websites name.  

1. Google Stores Your Username And Password At Private Location.

Do you know Google stores your username and password at secure location. Only Authorised person can access this information like username, password as well as websites names by Log In to their account. If you forgot your passwords then you can access it again by visiting this website

2. Google Stores Your Search History At Private Location.

Google stores everything whatever you search on Google at their private location. I am not talking about browser history because browser history is stored on particular browser and if you clear browser history then it will be erased permanently.

I am talking about Google history. It can only access by Log In to your Google account. Nobody can access your information except you. This search history is very important for Google because Google displays advertisements on your device according to your search history.

For example you have searched about watches on Google, now Google will store this information at their private location and whenever you will visit any websites for e.g. You visit Facebook then Google will display that watches as an advertisement on your Facebook home page.

Here Facebook is just for example it will display on any random website that you visit. So this makes Google Adsense unique from all other Adsense because advertisement will follow you wherever you go.

To Check Your Search History Visit .

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