How to book any hotel, flights or bus tickets in cheapest price.

➛ Hello friends, In this article I want to show you how to book any hotels, flight or bus tickets in cheapest cost.

➛ Here I am not talking about any coupons or free vouchers but I will show you some tricks and some information which can be helpful for you.


➛ When you search for online tickets multiple times on internet. Website will increase its cost immediately.

➛ For example you want to book any hotels in goa. You are searching for hotels and you select one hotel which you most liked but you did not booked it at that time.

➛ Now you again search for the same hotel. So now website will show you price higher than the last time price.

➛This happens almost time because website found your interest in that particular hotel. Now you think price has been increased but actually this higher price is showing only in your device.

➛ If you will try to book that particular hotel from other device then it will show you lower price.

➛ This happens because your browser stores search history, catches, cookies which can be helpful for this website to get information about your search history.

➛ To book your ticket in lowest price from your mobile phone’s browser then open your browser and click on three vertical dots at top right corner.

➛ Now click on History.

➛ click on clear browsing DATA.

➛ now select beginning of the time from the drop-down list. Now select catches, cookies and browsing history then click on clear data so it will clear all the stored data in your browser.

➛ Now search again your ticket and you will find price decreased.

➛ For computer users:- open your google chrome browser.

➛ Now type ctrl+shift+delete.

➛ Now select beginning of the time option from the drop-down list.

➛ Now select catches, cookies and browsing history options then click on clear data to clear all the data from google chrome browser.

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  • manisha lekhwar

    thanks for a great information for me , very very thank you.

    • Aliraza

      You are most welcome Manisha.

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