How to combine multiple mobile phone’s speakers to create a loudspeaker.

➛ Hello friends, today in this article I want to show you an amazing trick How to combine multiple mobile phone’s speakers to create a loudspeaker.

➛ Yes, you can joint your multiple android or iPhone’s speakers to boost sound like a loudspeaker. you can do this with Android phones as well as with iPhones.

How to combine multiple mobile phone’s speakers to create a loudspeaker.

➛ All you need to do is to download the AmpMe application from play store on your mobile phone.

➛ Now open that application so it will ask you to login via social media. You can join via facebook or google.


➛ Now after completing joining process it will show you home page of the application. Here at the downside you will find two symbols one is for music and other is for YouTube.

➛ So if you want to play music offline from your mobile phone’s music library then click on music option otherwise if you want to play songs online then click on youtube option and select your favorite song.

➛ Now start playing that music and your party has been started successfully. Now you can add friends to your party by clicking on Add friends option as shown in bellow.

➛ When you will click on Add friends option it will give you different options to share your link via WhatsApp, text message etc. So share that link with your friends.

➛ Now your friends need to click on your shared link and he/she will be added to your party. Now your friend can also listen the same sound in his/her mobile phone. You can add multiple members in your party using this Add friend option.

➛ Now as you will add the more members in your party your sound will boost and it will become a loudspeaker. this will happen because on all the mobile phones same sound is playing and all the mobile phones are at the same place.

➛ You can also use this application to listen a romantic song with your spouse when you are not with each other.

➛ You need to add only your spouse in your party and you both can listen the same song at the same time and this will make you feel so romantic.

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