How to use smart phone as a computer mouse, Joystick and Keyboard?

If your computer mouse or keyboard stops working during your important work then you can easily use smart phone as a computer mouse as well as keyboard.

✶ How to use smart phone as a computer mouse, Joystick and Keyboard?

All you need to do is download monect pc remote application to your computer as well as download android application for your mobile phone.

After installing application in computer and mobile phone first of all open your application in your computer so it will show you bellow screen.

You are not connected now so it will show your Portable Status not connected in computer application.

Your mobile application screen will be like bellow.

You can connect both the devices using Wi-Fi and hotspot as well as using Bluetooth. To connect using Wi-Fi and hotspot, first of all start hotspot in your mobile phone then connect Wi-Fi of your laptop or desktop with your mobile hotspot.

If your desktop has not Wi-Fi feature then you can attach USB Wi-Fi from outside to your desktop. All you need to do is connect this USB Wi-Fi like a pen drive in your desktop and that’s it. Click here to purchase USB Wi-Fi.

Now click on QR code in your desktop monect application so it will generate a QR code.

Now click on the symbol as shown by the red arrow in bellow image on your mobile phone.

Now click on scan as shown in bellow image.

Click on symbol as shown in bellow image to scan the QR code from your mobile phone to your computer screen.

Now you are successfully connected and your smart phone has become your computer mouse. Now you are ready to use smart phone as a computer mouse.

There are different symbols in your mobile application. By default touchpad (mouse) symbol will be selected in your mobile phone but you can change it as per your requirements.

If you want to use keyboard then you can use mobile keyboard as well as special keyboard like your computer keyboard. Follow bellow images to use your keyboard.

Step 1: Click on 3 vertical dots at top right corner as shown in bellow image.

Step 2: Now select keyboard option to use it as shown in bellow image.

This application also provides lots of old games, you can select games option to play this games in your computer screen. You can also play your own installed games like GTA, NFS etc. in your computer.

After selecting game now it’s time to select remote for your game. Click on layout option to select your remote. There are different types of remotes in this application.

It provides special remote to play GTA or NFS etc. games with joystick. So now you don’t need to purchase costly gaming remotes to play games. Choose particular remote control as your requirement and play your favorite games.

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