How to copy text from mobile phone to computer.

➛ Sometimes we really need to copy text or URL from mobile phone to computer or computer to mobile phone so in this article, I will show you How to copy text from mobile phone to computer and vice versa.

✶ How to copy text from mobile phone to computer

➛ All you need to do is to download Alt + C Android application from play store.

➛ Now open the application on your mobile phone then you will find the GET MY CODE button.

➛ Click on this button so it will show you a code.

➛ Now start your computer or laptop then visit and download the application for your computer then install it.

➛ When you open this app on your PC you will find different options. So go to Devices option then Enter your mobile phone’s Name in Device Name field. You can enter any name in this field.

➛ Now in the next field enter the code (Registration code) which was generated in your mobile phone.

➛ Now click on add button and you are connected to your mobile phone.

➛ Now to copy text from your mobile phone you need to simply copy any text using our normal method. For example, you want to copy text from whatsapp then simply copy it. Now to paste it on your computer you need to use Alt + V key.

➛ Now if you want to copy from computer to mobile phone then to copy text from computer press Alt + C shortcut key then to paste it into your mobile phone paste it using our normal method.

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