How to create new blog?

In this article, I will show you How to create new blog. So friends read this article carefully to understand it properly. There are different types of the platform to create a blog. But we will talk about some famous platform.

1. How to create new blog using  “WORDPRESS”?

 What is wordpress?

WordPress is a very famous platform to create blog or website. You can create a blog or website easily without any technical knowledge.

All you need to do is download any beautiful theme according to your requirement from the internet and install it to WordPress. Then all rest of functionality will be provided to you by WordPress.

If you want to change design manually then you need some knowledge about HTML and CSS but don’t worry it is not necessary because there are thousands of different theme ready made available for you on the internet so download it then install it and enjoy your new blog or website.

How to create new blog in wordpress?

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2. How to create new blog using “BLOGGER.COM”?

What is ””?

Blogger is a best platform to create blog without any cost. it is very easy and so simple so any non-technical person can easily use it.

You can choose preinstalled templates from blogger and if you don’t like it then you can download more templates from internet and install it in blogger same as wordpress.

If you have some knowledge about HTML and CSS then you can also change its design manually. It is authenticated and genuine platform because its owner is Google itself. 

You don’t need to purchase domain because provides free domain and hosting. But it provides sub-domain so behind your domain name there will be “BlogSpot”.

For example you choose domain name “xyz” then your domain name will be “”.

How to create new blog using “”?

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