How To Find Your Lost Smart Phone With Silent Mode.

Many times we forget our phone location after putting it somewhere in our own house. But it is not a big problem when it is not in silent mode, we find it immediately by ringing it from other phone. But if the phone is in silent mode and we lost the phone then it is very hard to find it.

So in this article i will show you a trick to remove your phone from silent mode remotely. In this trick we will send a text message to our lost phone and phone will remove silent mode. We will use IFTTT application to perform this task. If you don’t know about what is IFTTT then first read about it. To understand this process read bellow steps carefully.

IFTTT provides some applets readymade so we don’t need every time to create it manually. We will find this applet readymade.

1. Click here to download IFTTT for your android phone from play store.

2. Type “Text your lost android phone” in search box to find that applet and click on it.

3. Click to Turn On applet.

4. Type your keyword which you like to send as a text message to remove silent mode, by default keyword will be “lostphone”.  Now click on Right sign and finish the process.

We have completed all the process. Now close your application and turn your mobile phone to silent mode then type “lostphone” in other phone and send message to your mobile phone then notice that does it works or not.

if it works only when application is open but it does not work after closing the app then make sure start in background is enable in setting > installed apps > downloaded > IFTTT application> permission manager > enable start in background. 

This setting may be at different location in different phone. So setting changes accordig to mobile phone. If it is not enable then first enable it then try again by turn your phone in silent mode then message again to your smart phone.

if still not working then In some case to enable start in background is not enough. So you need to do something more. So enable autostart in setting > Permissions > Autostart > IFTTT > Enable IFTTT application. This setting also changes according to mobile device.

in some mobile phone above setting is not available so go to Setting > Data usage > Click on three verticle dots on Right above corner > uncheck Restrict background data. 

If you have any problem or questions then you can ask me from bellow comment box.

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