How To Promote Your Website Or Blog On FaceBook In Propper Way?

Now a days Facebook is a very good social networking site. We can contact lots of unknown people from all over the worlds using Facebook.

So we should use this site for marketing as much as possible. But not everyone knows how to properly use Facebook to promote your business website or blogs. So i will give you some tips and you can use it.

Create multiple Facebook accounts as much as you can. Facebook has 5000 friends limit so make 5000 friends in all your accounts. For example if you create 5 Facebook accounts and in all your accounts you have 5000 friends.

So you have 5*5000 = 25000 friends on Facebook. Now just imagine if you post in all your accounts then 25000 friends will see your post at a time.

There are lots of groups on Facebook. Find groups which have too many members and joint those groups. Joint 5 groups daily because if you joint more than 5 groups then there are more chances to block your Facebook account.

For example you post in 10 groups daily and in every group there are 30,000 members. So 300,000 lakhs plus 25000(Facebook Friends) people will see your post in a single day.

Thank You.

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