How to lock particular chatting in whatsapp?

➛ We don’t like to show our personal chats to others. Thats why we need to lock particular chatting which is very personal for us. So today i will show you How to lock particular chatting in whatsapp?

✶ How to lock particular chatting in whatsapp?

➛ All you need to do is to download Chat locker application from play store.

➛ Now open that application so it will ask you to Set Language. So choose your language then click on OK.

➛ Now it will ask you to set a password. So set your password then go to next step.

➛ Now click on + (Plus) symbol to lock particular whatsapp chatting.


➛ Now click on Lock WhatsApp Chats Option.

➛ When you click on it it will ask you to give permission to lock your chatting. So go to Accessibility setting then give permission to chat locker.

➛ Now after giving permission again click on (+) plus symbol -> Lock WhatsApp Chats.

➛ Now select particular WhatsApp contact which you would like to protect.

➛ Now you have successfully locked your WhatsApp contact. So whenever you will try to open that particular WhatsApp contact for chatting purpose it will ask you to enter the password.

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