How To Use Whatsapp To Store Your Persanol Notes?

1. How To Use Whatsapp As Your Persanol Notes? 
➛ Some time it is very important to remember particular words or particular thing. For example you go somewhere outside from your house and your mom told you to bring a medicine for her whenever you return.

➛ So in this case it is necessary to remember that madicine name for you. If madicine name is hard to remember then you need to write that name somewhere. For e.g. you need some personal notes like application or something.

➛ But if whatsapp provides you a personal note feature then why you should download any other apps and increase your storage.

➛ Follow bellow 3 simple steps to create a Personal Notes in your whatsapp.

1. First of all create a whatsapp group by adding any one member.

2. Now there are only two members in your group you (Admin) and one other member.

3. Now remove that other member from the group so only you will remain in the group

➛ Now if you will message in the group then only you can read your messages because there is not any member except you (Admin).

➛ So now this group has become your personal note and you can write your all-important notes as well as your voice messages and your important documents by sending in this group.

2.  How to transfer files from mobile to computer or computer to mobile using Whatsapp?

➛ You can easily transfer files or images or videos or any other documents from computer to mobile or mobile to computer using whatsapp.

=> Transfer data from computer to mobile.

1. Open in your computer.

2. Send any file to the group(personal note) which we have created above.

3. Open whatsapp in your mobile and here you can download all the data or file from that group.

=> Transfer data from mobile to computer.

1. Do the totally opposite process from above. Send files or data from mobile to the group (personal note) which we have created earlier.

2. Open in your computer.

3. Download all the data from the group to your computer.

Thank You.

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