Now Aadhar Card Will Become Necessary For Facebook!!

There are lots of fake accounts on Facebook now days. Many accounts are created by female identity for cheating purpose.Too many cheating incidents happen in day to day life. A long time ago I read news about a boy who was regularly chatting with a girl on Facebook. He also did many mobile recharged on her mobile number.

But whenever he asked for talking on cell phone girl refused him by some reasons and finally at the end boy found that account is fake and that female account was actually handling by a male. Lots of such types of incidence happen in day to day life.

Fake accounts also create spam data in Facebook database and it increase dust in database. So latest news from facebook is that to solve these types of issues Facebook is thinking to attach aadhar card with facebook. Final decision is not taken till now but Facebook is seriously thinking about it.

So fake account holder should be worried now because one aadhar card means only one account. If it will happen then all fake accounts will be removed from Facebook. Let’s see what happen in future but i am always here to give you latest update so don’t miss it and come back here.

Thank You.

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