How To Restart Google Chrome Without Losing Opened Tabs?

➛ Many times we really need to restart Google chrome browser because of its slow performance. To restart chrome browser is more difficult for those who open too many tabs in a browser.

➛ But here i will show you a trick by using it you can easily restart your chrome browser in your computer without losing your open tabs.

✶ Restart your chrome browser without losing your opened tabs.

➛ Check if your bookmark bar is open or not. If it is not open then open it by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+B.

➛ Now right click on bookmark bar then click on Add pages…

➛ Now type any name which you would like to enter. In bellow image I have used Restart then type    ‘chrome://restart’ in the URL as shown in bellow image.

➛ Now click on Save so it will be saved and displayed on bookmark bar.

➛ Now click on Restart (because i typed restart in the name field so it will be restart in my case) so browser will be restarted and your all opened tabs will be reopen automatically.

Thank You.

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  • Ajay Meena

    Verry nice trick

    • Aliraza

      Thanks Ajay.

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