How To Stop Automatically Starting Software While Starting Your Computer?

➛ It really becomes head ache when unnecessary software starts automatically every time when we start our computer.

➛ Computer takes more times for starting because of this auto starting software so it is necessary to stop this process in your computer. Follow bellow steps to stop this process.

✶ For windows 8 & windows 10:-

➛ Press Windows + Shift + Esc it will open task manager in your computer as shown in bellow image.

➛ Then go to Startup option here it will show list of all starting software when you start your computer.

➛ You can disable each software one by one which you don’t like to start. To disable select any software or program then click on disable.

✶ For windows 7:-

➛ Click on Start then in search box type msconfig then click on msconfig so it will open System Configuration.

➛ Now go to startup option then uncheck software which you don’t like to open while starting your computer.  

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