How To Totally Hide Your Important Apps While Sharing Your Mobile Phone With Your Friends(MI Users).

➛Mobile phone becomes very personal thing now a days and we store many personal data in our mobile phone.

➛But sometimes we need to share our personal mobile phone with our friends for any special reason.

➛So in this situation it is necessary to hide our every personal data in a smart way so when we share our mobile phone with others at that time nobody can access it.

➛So in this article i will show you a trick to hide your personal data using a smart feature provided by MI mobile phone which is called child mode.

➛But all most people don’t know its use so they waste their time to add passwords in every single app while sharing their mobile phone with their friends which is very boring and tedious way to hide data.

➛So in this situation child mode is very useful feature because when you turn on child mode feature in your mobile phone it will show only those apps on your mobile phone which were selected when you turned on child mode and all the other apps will be totally hidden from the users.

➛So user cannot even imagine and see which apps you are using in your mobile phone.

➛To start child mode go to Setting => Additional Setting=> Child Mode and now turn on child mode. It will ask you to enter password. So set password and remember it because you will not be able to turn off this feature until you enter your pre-set password.

➛ Now select apps which you would like to show to the users.

➛ Now goto your mobile home screen and here you will find only those applications which you selected in above image.

➛ If you want to turn off child mode then click on cross icon as shown in bellow image. then it will ask you to enter password so enter password and turn off child mode.

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