How To Transfer Data From Mobile To Computer Using Xender?

➛ Many time we need to transfer data from mobile to PC or Laptop for different purpose.

➛ To transfer file using Bluetooth is very slow and more time consuming.

➛ So today in this article I will show you how to transfer data like images or videos etc. from your mobile phone to laptop or pc using xender with very high speed.

➛ In this process you don’t even need to install any software in your computer. It is very easy and simple process.


➛ All you need to do is start xender in your mobile phone. Then click on receive option as shown in bellow image.

➛ Then click on connect to PC option.

➛ Now it will show you a bellow screen in your mobile phone. Then click on a symbol as shown in bellow image.

➛ So it will start hotspot in your mobile phone now connect your computer Wi-Fi with your mobile hotspot and create a connection.

➛ Now you will find an IP address in your mobile screen so type that IP address in your computer browser then open it.

➛ When you will open IP address in your computer browser it will ask you a permission to connect.

➛ So accept that permission from your mobile phone and you have completed all the process.

➛ Now you are ready to transfer your data from mobile to pc using xender.


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