Turn Your Notepad File Into A Diary By Automatically Adding Date & Time In Each Notes.

➛ Normally almost people who use their computers for office or business purpose use notepad as a personal diary to save and remember their necessary things.

➛ But most of people don’t know extra feature of notepad so here i will show you one amazing feature of notepad. By using this feature when you will save any note in notepad then automatically it will save date and time bellow that note.

➛ You can get idea from bellow image how this extra feature will work for you in your notepad.

✶ Follow bellow steps properly to add date and time automatically in your notepad’s every note.

➛ As shown in above image type .LOG in first line in notepad.

➛ Now write your notes then save your notepad file with any name which you would like use. In above image i have used Diary.

➛ Now close your notepad file. When you will reopen it you will find date and time in your notes.

Thank You.

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  • Atollofe

    Concesso, una cosa utile

  • Atollofe

    Dans cela quelque chose est. Je vous remercie de l’aide, comment je peux remercier ?

    • Aliraza

      Great to hear from you. You are most welcome. Atollofe.

  • pooja

    thanks sir. Amazing trick.

    • Aliraza

      You are most welcome pooja.

  • sunita

    nice sir

    • Aliraza

      Thanks sunita

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