Don’t you want to read lengthy articles on internet? Use this trick to listen your favorite online article.

➛ Many times we don’t like to read lengthy articles on internet. At that time article reader app is best option for all of us. This app read and recite loudly any online article for you. 

➛ Yes you just need to listen your favourite article and simultaneously you can do your any other work.

➛ All you need to do is download  Article Reader Offline android app from play store.

➛ Now open this app and it will look like.

➛ Now open your any favorite article in a browser and copy that URL link. For e.g. I have opened bellow article in my browser and copied that link.

➛ Now open article reader offline app in your mobile phone and click on vertical line at top right corner.

➛ Now click on open copied URL option and it will immediately open your article in this application

➛ Your copied link will open in article reader offline app. You can also change settings according to your requirement. to change setting tap anywhere on your article and it will open many options like bellow.

➛ Now it’s very clear to use this options from its symbols. To listen this article click on sound option and it will start to recite this article for you.

➛ You can also download this article offline by click on download symbol.

➛ You can create folder and download all your favorite articles in that folder to read it later.

➛ Next time you can read this downloaded article without using internet.

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