Use your all play store applications in a single application to save storage and time.

➛ Internet has become biggest information source and all of us read and follow our favorite applications and websites like news, fashion, food, comics etc.

➛ But it is more time consuming to open each mobile application or website separately and read all of them one by one in our busy life. Installing too many applications also consumes too much space.

➛ Here I will show you an amazing mobile application in which you can follow more than 100 of your favorite mobile applications or website without installing each application separately in your mobile phone.

➛ It will save your too much time because you only need to open a single application in your mobile phone then you will find all your favorite websites and applications in a single app.

➛ Here one thing keep in mind that you can use and follow only reading type applications and websites like News, Comics, Novels, Articles, Tutorials, Different blogs like technical blogs, Food recipes blogs etc.

➛ All you need to do is download Feedly android application in your mobile phone. If you don’t like to download this application then you can also visit and use website.

✶ Follow bellow steps to use this application properly.

➛ Open this application in your mobile phone then click on Top left three horizontal lines as shown in bellow image.

➛ Now click on login button as shown in bellow image.


➛ Now after successfully login again click on Top left three horizontal lines then click on ADD YOUR FIRST SOURCE as shown in bellow image.

➛ Now type website or blog address which you would like to follow as shown in bellow image. Type full and proper address so you can find proper result. Then click on plus sign to follow that blog.


➛ When you will click on plus sign it will open bellow screen. Click on Create new collection then enter your folder name then click on create to create a folder. You can enter any name which you would like to use.

➛ You can use and follow more than 100 of different applications and website using above method. Share this beautiful information with your friends and family members so maximum persons can use this amazing application.

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Thank You.

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