What Happen If We Overcahrge Our Cell Phone?

Normally we have habit to charge our cell phone full night because we think that we will get 100% battery power in the morning. Now question is that, is this good habit or bad habit to over charge your smart phone? is this process damage your cell phone battery?

Is this process will decrease your battery storage capacity? We will see all this answers step by steps.

Smart Phones are really very smart. When your phone reaches to 100% then there is a system in your cell phone which stops charging automatically.

But you don’t remove your phone from charging because you are sleeping but your phone is alive so it will continuously use battery and once again it will reach to 99% then again charging will start automatically and again stop when it will reach to 100%.

This cycle will continuously repeat between 99% and 100% and it will create a problem for your smart phone. It is not 99% for all the smart phones. Few smart phones plug in again when it reaches to 90%.

It varies as per different smart phones but difference is not huge. So this process of charging and discharging will heat-up your smart phone and it will reduce the capacity of your battery.

There are some applications available on play store which can remind you when your phone becomes fully charged.

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