What is domain?

✶ What is domain?

Domain is a website address let me explain it with a good example. If you want to go to your college friend’s home but you don’t know his address so what will you do? It’s very simple you will just call him and ask his address.

Same as on internet world if you want to visit any website then it’s necessary to know domain name about that website. If you don’t know domain name then you will have to ask to the Google by giving some hints.

For example you want to visit any food recipes website but you don’t know domain name (web address) then you will just type in Google like best food recipes then Google will find all food recipes related domain names(web address) or websites for you.

Then you will select Particular website which you want to visit. So domain is a website address which is necessary to visit particular website.

For example www.google.com is domain name for Google same as www.yahoo.com is domain name for yahoo. Friends you may notice that there are different types of domain names for single amazon website for example

1.  www.amazon.com

2. www.amazon.in

3.  www.amazon.co.uk  

These all above are official amazon websites. Then why all are different? What is purpose behind it? It’s main reason is that all websites are for different countries and we can identify it by it’s country code which is behind it.

For example .in is Indian country code so now you can understand that www.amazon.in is Indian website. Same as www.amazon.co.uk is United Kingdom website.

Now if you will order on UK website from India then it will reject your order by displaying message “delivery is not available on this address”. So this was the some basic knowledge about country codes. There are lots of different other codes for different purpose like

  • .org – for organisations
  • .edu – for educational sites
  • .gov – for governmental sites
  •  .com- for commercial sites
  • .int- for international organizations

Now do you know that domain names are not actual web address but still we use it because it makes some sense and we can remember it. But real web addresses are IP Addresses but domain names are just alternative of IP address or just nickname of IP Address.

So whenever we type www.google.com then Google website will be searched by its IP address but it is hidden from outside users.

Format of IP address is like however humans cannot understand or use that code. I hope you got the real concept of domain.

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