What is hosting?

✶ What is hosting?

In this article i will explain you what is hosting by a simple example. We all know the beauty of taj mahal.Now where is taj mahal? Your answer will be Agra right. But what is agra? Agra is the name of city.

So agra is address of taj mahal. In internet language agra is domain name (address). Now agra is a big city there is lots of space in agra. Taj mahal need some space to be in agra. Without space taj mahal cannot reside in agra.

Same as in internet world website needs some space to reside on internet, without space website cannot reside on internet. This type of space is called hosting in internet world. So whenever you create a website then it’s not enough.

But you need to purchase some space on internet as a hosting. And you need to provide a good name to your space which is called domain name. After completing these two processes any one can visit your website.

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