What Is “If This Then That (IFTTT)”?

IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It is a free platform which helps you to perform your next task automatically according to your previous task. For e.g. you daily upload photos and videos to instagram and also you need to upload this photos and videos to dropbox. Then every time you will upload first on instagram and then on dropbox.

But if you need to perform this both process on daily bases then it is more time consuming. So to reduce time and our efforts IFTTT provides If This Then That service. Which will automatically upload photos on drop box (you can also select Facebook or whatever instead of drop box) whenever you will upload any photos to instagram(you can also select twitter or any other application instead of instagram).

First of all it will ask you to select a service so here select Instagram (service). Now in second step it will ask you to select trigger (task) so here select any new photo by you (trigger). Now in third step you need to select an action service so we will select dropbox (action service). Now our applet (function) is ready to use.

So when you will upload any photos to instagram then autometically it will be uploaded to the dropbox. You can understand above examples in more detail from bellow images. In bellow example i will repeat above example so you can understand the concept of IFTTT very easily.

1. Click here to download IFTTT for your android phone from play store.

2. Open your application and click on plus icon as shown in bellow image.

3. Now click on plus icon to add instagram(service).

4. Write instagram on search box to find instagram service.

5. Select “any new photo by you” trigger and go.

6. Click on plus icon to add dropbox action service.

7. Type dropbox in search box to search it. Then select dropbox and go.

8. Click on right sign as shown below.

9. Now click on finish and you have completed all the process.

10. Make sure that your applet is on. Then close the application.

11. Now upload image on instagram and check that is it uploaded on dropbox or not.

If app does not work while application is closed then make sure start in background is enable in setting > installed apps > downloaded > IFTTT application> permission manager > enable start in background. 

This setting location changes phone by phone so find start in background setting in your phone and enable it.

In some case to enable start in background is not enough. So you need to do something more. So enable autostart in setting > Permissions > Autostart > IFTTT > Enable IFTTT application. This setting also changes according to mobile device.

In some mobile phone above setting is not available so go to Setting > Data usage > Click on three vertical dots on Right above corner > uncheck Restrict background data. 

Above process will help you to run IFTTT application in background when your application is not open in mobile phone.

You can create as many applets as you want. IFTTT provides too many services or applications so you can create any number of combinations by combining service, trigger and action service.

IFTTT also provides some readymade applets and we can directly use them according to our requirement.

If you have any problem then you can ask me from bellow comment box.

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