What Is lite Mode In Redmi Phone?

➛ Now all most all people use android phones because it provides amazing features compare to normal old (without android OS) mobile phones.

➛ But still old mobile phones are used for communication purpose and in every house old mobile phones are available.

➛ If your father or grandfather is not familiar with android OS and he ask you to use your mobile phone then you can give your mobile phone to him by turning lite mode ON.

➛ Lite mode is used to convert your latest android smart phone’s layout to old mobile phone.

➛ Yes it will convert your android phone to completely like old mobile phone so there will be only some basic features will be available for you.

➛ There will be only Call option, Text message option, Camera Option and Gallary option will be available on home page.

➛ when you will slide in second page you will find Contact, Music, Calculator, Setting and Apps options.

➛ You can use your all play store’s downloaded applications in this old layout mode but it will not be directly available for you. You will have to go to Apps option and from there you will find all your downloaded applications.

➛ All this options will be available with big symbol so it will be very easy to use by anybody who are not familiar with android OS.

➛ If your smart phone is consuming your too much time and you want some break from this android phone then you can switch from your smart phone to old mobile phone by turning Lite mode ON.

➛ You can turn OFF Lite Mode at any time and your all android applications will be as it is and it will be available for you so you don’t need to worry about it.

➛ To Enable Lite mode feature go to setting > Lite mode then turn on this feature from there.



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