What is Really Use of airplane mode?

–>  In this article, we will see the real Use of airplane mode.

1. Save Battery 
Airplane mode saves too much battery of cell phones. Whenever you sleep at night and if phone calls are not important for you then airplane mode is the best option. Because if you will awake in the morning then you will notice that not a single percent of the battery will discharge and your battery percentage will be as it is.

So you don’t need to recharge your phone again in the morning. Now if you are in traveling and your destination is far away now if your mobile battery is low then airplane mode is the best option. Because it will save your battery till you reach your destination.

You can use all other functionalities during airplane mode like playing offline video games, watching videos, watching images. Only wireless functionality will be disabled for you. Whenever you wish to charge your cell phone very fast then first of all enable airplane mode in your phone then plugin your phone in charge.

2. Best Option for those who use Alarm  

When you sleep at night and you want alarm then it is compulsory to put your cell phone nearby you otherwise you cannot listen to alarm. But you know that cell phone expose radio waves which are not good for health so it is not a good habit to put your phone whole night nearby you. In this situation, airplane mode is a very good option because airplane mode completely close radio waves but alarm can work during airplane mode. So you can put your cell phone nearby you for alarm purpose by enabling airplane mode on.

3. Why we need to enable airplane mode in flight?

Cell phone’s signal can interfere important electrical or telecommunications systems in the cockpit (from which a pilot controls the aircraft). It is really irritating and headache for the pilots and it create noise in pilot’s controller room. It creates same noise you may listen while you put your cell phone near audio system and some unpleasant voice creates from the speaker.

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What is Really Use of airplane mode?

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